About Graeme

About Graeme

Graeme Jordan - CV writer and interview coach

I know what recruiters look for, having been on the recruiter’s side of the table as both a recruitment specialist and a manager recruiting my own team. I know what businesses need from my consultancy, research and management experience. As a qualified marketer, I can find and apply the best possible method of communicating your value to your next, and future employers.

I also have a detailed understanding of how many industries work due to my consultancy experience.


My track record includes:

  • 3 years as a Recruitment Consultant – in both specialist and high street agencies
  • Over 12 years in business, including recruiting and developing my own team
  • My whole career in consultancy and research
  • Hundreds of happy clients who have interviews, job offers, pay rises and career changes that they would not otherwise have. See Graeme Jordan reviews for examples

I worked as a recruitment consultant for a nationwide high street agency, a Chamber of Commerce and a specialist management recruitment agency. I later applied my skills to strategic marketing consultancy and as a senior manager was responsible for recruitment of a variety of jobs at all levels. This combination of experiences gives me the edge when it comes to career consultancy and understanding the demands of large and small employers:

My style involves asking the right questions, taking the time to fully understand you and what drives you and what you have achieved, before beginning to craft your CV and help you with other aspects of your career development.

So, I don’t do templates, I don’t do standard or one size fits all advice. I don’t polish up your existing CV. I start from the beginning and use your existing materials as a guide.

I set up this service after experiencing two important things: The satisfaction of seeing candidates develop the skills to be successful in the job market and the lack of effective one to one support available to candidates. I wanted to cut through the ‘noise’ of advice that is out there and really provide actionable, grounded advice and support that works.

I have also noticed that the best candidates don’t always have the best CVs. This is because the skills needed to be successful in a job and the skills needed to obtain the most suitable one are very different – and you really need to have both.

Don’t send out hundreds of job applications. Send fewer, better applications. I’ll show you how …


To apply expertise in marketing, recruitment and management to support job applicants to get better results from what they do.


To help job applicants at all levels of experience to develop and communicate the best possible version of themselves and what they offer to employers.

To train my clients in the skills necessary to do this and to help all of them get the jobs and develop the careers that they desire and are best suited to.


  • Expertise – it’s more than just knowledge and experience – its judgement and ability to apply
  • Specific advice for your circumstances and your ambitions
    • I hate ‘tips and tricks’ – they don’t work
    • We should all listen more than we talk
    • Job applications have the power to change your life – they are worth getting right