How to write a job application form

How to write a job application form

Application forms

Application forms are often used now instead of CVs. This applies in particular to larger organisations and the public sector. So, while there is no danger of your CV becoming redundant any time soon, many of us will have to fill in at least the occasional application form.

Application forms usually cover similar subjects to those in CVs. However, in contrast to CVs, those using application forms believe that they are a better way to test a candidate’s communication skills, judgement, personality, attention to detail and the extent to which you really want the job.

One way to do this is by asking a killer question, such as:

“Please give details of how your skills and experience match the requirements of the role”

Stand out

This question sums up what application forms are about pretty well. By answering challenging questions, you can really demonstrate to your potential employer that your experiences and skills are what he/she is looking for. But how to write an application form that stands out from the rest?

To write an excellent application form you need to be able to...

  • Judge the appropriate length and level of detail in such a response.
  • Take the time to get hold of and analyse the details that are available about the organisation and the role (in the application pack – which usually comprises a job description and person specification).
  • Match details about your experience to these criteria.
  • Write persuasively and in an appropriate style.

So, the two key rules for application forms are:

  • Follow the instructions.
  • Write the last question as if it was the only thing that the recruiter was going to look at.

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