CV with cover letter

  • First job – £199.00
  • Graduate – £249.00
  • Manual role – £249.00
  • Assistant role – £299.00
  • Executive/Officer/Technician role – £349.00
  • Management role – £399.00
  • Senior/Director role – £499.00
  • Adapt CV for a different role (existing client / same time) – £79.00

Get a professionally written CV now

Application form (work or education) with cover letter

Below is for standard application forms with one main ‘Tell us why we should choose you’ question. Prices for other work can be provided on request.

  • First job – £199.00
  • Graduate/Education – £249.00
  • Manual role – £249.00
  • Assistant role – £299.00
  • Executive/Officer/Technician role – £349.00
  • Management role – £399.00
  • Senior/Director role – £499.00
  • Application form for any existing CV clients – £199.00

I need help with application forms

Interview coaching

  • Per hour (remote / telephone) – £70.00*
  • Per hour (in person) – £75.00*

*lnterview coaching requires preparation time charged at a one-off £50.

For best results, coaching sessions should each be 2 hours long.

**(optional: Personalised written guide to your interview questions and answers: £150)

  • ‘Boss your interviews’ package (includes preparation, 8 hours telephone coaching, including mock interview, feedback and personalised written guidance) – £499
  • ‘Boss your interviews’ package – delivered in person – £599

Interview skills


  • Job application advice (remote/telephone) – £50.00
  • Job application advice (in person) – £60.00

I need some advice

Social media

  • LinkedIn profile writing – £149.00
  • Linkedin profile writing for existing clients – £99.00

I need help with my LinkedIn

For schools

I’m available to carry out any of the following:

  • One-off talk (single lesson or assembly)
  • Half day of talks, workshops, or interviews
  • Full day sessions / carousel activities
  • Package of work across a full school year, delivering maximum impact on career outcomes. Training students to plan and deliver their career development. Outputs include powerful CVs, application form writing skills and interview coaching.

All of my work in schools is tailored to the needs of the school and students and to fit in with existing activities. Excellent feedback has been provided on all previous work.

Contact me to discuss fees and potential funding opportunities.


Outplacement work

I’m experienced in delivering outplacement work that develops confidence and skills in employees to move on to the next chapter of their career.

This is best done as a mix of introductory presentation, group workshops and one-to-one support to help each person achieve their own objectives and allay their individual concerns.

Contact me to discuss developing a specific package.

Event speaking

Experience and expertise based talks on career development. A mix of motivation, realism, optimism and the unique marketing approach to career development.