CV writing service reviews

CV / Resume writing service: Feedback from clients


“Your CV did the trick for me! Got a better job than I had previously starting tomorrow.

A great big thank you to Graeme who has transformed my CV. Graeme provided a very thorough service, taking the time to conduct an extensive interview with me and really got to understand my strengths and ambitions before laying out my CV. I subsequently took redundancy from my long-term banking role and thanks to Graeme’s CV, I found I was attracting plenty of interest from relevant companies in my industry. I have now secured an exciting role at a bank in Leeds and would recommend anyone to chat to Graeme. I am sure he will help you open doors and create opportunities for yourself.”

Russel Higgins

Leeds, UK

Sales and Marketing Director

“After being made redundant from my role as Sales and Marketing Director I updated my CV with what I considered a strong profile summary and followed recruitment industry best practice advice. Despite this, I struggled to get as many interviews as I expected. I sent my CV to a number of free reviewers who predominantly gave generic advice and then followed up with what I considered a very expensive sales pitch with little commitment or guarantee behind it. A recruitment consultant recommended Graeme’s work and so I decided to speak to him about my CV. We spoke on the phone and he gave me an incredibly enlightened perspective on my career and how, despite me having a strong CV, he felt improvements could be made. At no point did he try a hard sell, which I expected, but after a half hour chat I broached the subject of how to take his work further and was incredibly surprised by what appeared to be excellent value for money, indeed perhaps he was too cheap? We arranged a more in-depth interview where he spent 2 hours reviewing my career. He teased out a number of opportunities and achievements I had neglected to include and then spent 5 days producing the new CV. I must admit it was money well spent. The improvement was vast, combining and amplifying over 20 years’ experience to make a fluent, easy reading document that ensured I was seen in the most positive light. Since updating and distributing my new CV I have had significantly more interest from recruiters and potential employers and am now in a new role. Graeme clearly takes a personal interest in you as a candidate and uses his wealth of experience to maximise you as a brand. I would have no hesitation in recommending Graeme’s work. “


Sales and Marketing Director, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Senior Commercial/Employment Solicitor

“Unlike many other CV writers, Graeme spent some 2 hours with me discussing my career to date and fleshing-out my achievements. There were no ‘standard’ emails or generic advice. Graeme’s approach was 100% tailored to my needs. Graeme produced for me an accurate, achievement-centred CV which was commended by recruitment professionals and, more importantly, got me interviews. I would definitely use Graeme again if the need arose and can wholeheartedly recommend his CV writing service.”


Senior Commercial/Employment Solicitor, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Software Development Project Manager

“I am very happy that I received help from Graeme in writing a professional CV. It was easy to discuss with him my work experience before he wrote the CV. He will ask the right questions, highlight personal skills, achievements and write these in a professional way. Writing a CV is time consuming especially when there is a large work experience and descriptions needs to fit within a short CV space. Graeme made sure that nothing was missed and described the most relevant points with regard to my future career plans. He can also help in test preparations for assessments and interviews and I strongly recommend his help in this area too. I have completed an excellent written test because I was more prepared and have also learned a lot with his suggestions and guide. I fully recommend Graeme for helping with CV writing, cover letter and preparing for interviews. It will save a lot of precious time and make you much more prepared.”

Flavio Messina

Software Development Project Manager, Warsaw, Poland

Council Officer

“I had been in the same job for more than 20 years and when I needed to apply for a new one I was very apprehensive. With Graeme’s help on both the job application and interview, I successfully obtained the first job that I applied for, despite being one of 10 well qualified existing staff going for 4 jobs.”


Council Officer, South Shields, UK

Design Technician

“I got the job. First job I applied for. I joined (major UK house builder) in their Design and Technical division.

It was my first choice employer and the role I was hoping to land too!”


Design Technician, house building company, UK

Freelance Translator

“As a freelance translator, I rely on the strength of my CV to secure work with numerous agencies and clients.
Having several years experience in teaching English as a foreign language, and working in the field of linguistics I assumed that my CV writing skills would be more than adequate. However, after looking at various online CV guides and templates, and the range of things my fellow translators include in their CVs, I started having doubts about how to write my own CV; in particular what to include, and what to leave out.
After considering a few different options, I arranged to meet with Graeme Jordan for a consultation. He read through my CV and pointed out several areas which could be significantly improved. He elicited information which I had not considered important but was in fact vital. Most important of all is the fact that since Graeme has worked on my CV, I have managed to secure a greater volume of work, so I couldn’t really be more satisfied.
I would highly recommend Graeme, especially to other freelancers like myself. He has a superior knowledge of what agencies and clients are looking for and can create bespoke CVs, which convey so much more than the standard stuff you see online. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Dariush Robertson

Freelance Translator, Taipei, Taiwan

Business Consultant

“At the end of last year I was made redundant. I thought I had a very good CV in terms of content, but I just wasn’t getting responses to endless job applications. Things had changed since I last sought employment and I needed help to do things in a different way.
After a while, I got in touch with Graeme and all he needed was an hour of my time. In the end, he produced a phenomenal CV which was structured in a way that it stood out, highlighting my key achievements and strengths. It was different to any CV I had seen before and trimmed down from 4 pages to 2, with every word relevant to the type of role I was seeking.
The structure was better, content was better – and suddenly I was positioning myself instead of just describing what I had done.
If you are looking to change jobs, contact Graeme and be blown away by his expertise and immediate results.”

Chris Forster

Business Consultant, ERP software supplier, Tyneside, UK

OP Engineer

“I had hired Graeme and given him a difficult task to fulfil. Requiring a weekday out of work to continue my studies was a big ask to prospective employers and my previous attempts to find a suitable and receptive employer were proving unfruitful.

Graeme’s service was in-depth, effective and good value. I have no doubt that Graeme’s CV writing service was integral in providing me with an opportunity to speak face to face with the businesses I was targeting. I have no reservations about recommending Graeme and his CV writing service.

Simply, it is critical for professionals who are looking to target their careers to use this service”

Adrian Green

OP Engineer, Durham, UK

Academic Researcher

“Huge thanks to Graeme for my new CV and interview coaching which enabled me to secure my new job in research. Graeme’s approach is thorough, detailed and thoughtful. His ability to listen, extract pertinent points and communicate my career history in CV form is outstanding. His interview coaching was highly personal and demonstrated industry insight. It enabled me to better understand the interview process and answer questions in the best way possible. I was offered the first job I was selected for and had an interview for – and I couldn’t have done it without Graeme.”


Academic Researcher, Sunderland, UK

Retail Manager

“My consultation with Graeme was great. He made me feel very welcome. A friendly and professional man who listened to me and created an amazing cv and cover letter that I thought I could never achieve. I now feel very confident in finding and applying for jobs because of Graeme.”


Retail Manager, Sunderland, UK

Property Investment Manager and Retail Location Strategist

“I really appreciate your support – the resume was very well received by many recruiters and I finally got a good job which I am enjoying. Not quite through any official recruitment process but through a network of colleagues which I understood in my very specialist profession is probably the best way for a successful outcome.”


Property Investment Manager and Retail Location Strategist, Poland

Sales Estimator 

“Great news.

Thanks to your CV, I have found a job working at a similar employer. I started this yesterday.

Many thanks for all your help, and If anyone needs your help, then I won’t hesitate to pass your details on to them.”



Sales Estimator, UK