Interview coaching service reviews

Interview technique and skills coaching: Feedback from clients

Programme Manager

“While I had had a few interviews during my search for new employment, I had not been successful. Graeme helped me with the finer details of my interview technique, eliminating the weaknesses and focusing me on the attributes needed for success. He was thoughtful and well prepared for my specifics. It’s probably no coincidence that I was offered a very good job shortly afterwards.”


Programme Manager, Warwick, UK

Publishing Professional

“Graeme has been a fantastic interview coach-the very best that anyone could get. He is personable, patient, and a very good source of advice. He helps you to identify your unique selling point and sell yourself in an interview and on a CV. Graeme is always ready with strong interview tips and can give tactful feedback about ways to improve. The mock interview that I had with him was also well-prepared and boosted my confidence greatly. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Graeme as a CV writer and an interview coach. He’s a real pleasure to work with.”

Michael Ball

Publishing Professional, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Business Engagement Manager

“Working with Graeme made a significant difference to my interview technique and I would highly recommend him to any individual or company. Prior to this I had done very badly in a couple of interviews and realised that I really needed help to improve my performance.

I worked with him for five hours in total and was successful in the first job that I applied for following his input.

As an aside, what really impressed me was the amount of preparation that Graeme had done prior to each session.”


Business Engagement Manager, Cumbria, UK

Manager, professional services

“I got the job!

Thanks for your help. It was definitely useful because it helped me narrow my focus down on to the case studies that would work best and the messages / skills I really wanted to get across rather than trying to juggle too many possibilities.

Thanks again.”


Manager, professional services company, UK

Software Development Project Manager

“I am very happy that I received help from Graeme in writing a professional CV. It was easy to discuss with him my work experience before he wrote the CV. He will ask the right questions, highlight personal skills, achievements and write these in a professional way. Writing a CV is time consuming especially when there is a large work experience and descriptions needs to fit within a short CV space. Graeme made sure that nothing was missed and described the most relevant points with regard to my future career plans. He can also help in test preparations for assessments and interviews and I strongly recommend his help in this area too. I have completed an excellent written test because I was more prepared and have also learned a lot with his suggestions and guide. I fully recommend Graeme for helping with CV writing, cover letter and preparing for interviews. It will save a lot of precious time and make you much more prepared.”

Flavio Messina

Software Development Project Manager, Warsaw, Poland

Council Officer

“I had been in the same job for more than 20 years and when I needed to apply for a new one I was very apprehensive. With Graeme’s help on both the job application and interview, I successfully obtained the first job that I applied for, despite being one of 10 well qualified existing staff going for 4 jobs.”


Council Officer, South Shields, UK

Academic Researcher

“Huge thanks to Graeme for my new CV and interview coaching which enabled me to secure my new job in research. Graeme’s approach is thorough, detailed and thoughtful. His ability to listen, extract pertinent points and communicate my career history in CV form is outstanding. His interview coaching was highly personal and demonstrated industry insight. It enabled me to better understand the interview process and answer questions in the best way possible. I was offered the first job I was selected for and had an interview for – and I couldn’t have done it without Graeme.”


Academic Researcher, Sunderland, UK