Career talks

Career talks

Career talks, workshops and assemblies for schools

School speaking about CVs, job applications, employability and career development.

Book me to speak at your school or your event.

I will motivate, inspire and transfer knowledge – giving all students a positive start to their career development. Below is a testimonial from one talk that I delivered at a secondary school:

As a marketer and former recruiter I can speak from knowledge and experience about:

  • What employers want
  • What recruitment agencies want (which is not necessarily the same thing)
  • How to demonstrate these things
  • What to do when you don’t have much experience
  • How to plan your career
    • How do I know if the next move is right for me?

Basically – how to get yourself chosen. How to avoid wasted effort. How to land your first or next job without having to apply for 100 others first.

“The CV session was well prepared and presented. The session was very informative; covering many myths and misconceptions about CVs, their contents and how important it is that they are fit for purpose and relevant to specific jobs. The session was pitched perfectly to meet the needs and requirements of our learners. It gave them tips and hints; inspiring them to believe in their own abilities and raise their self-esteem. An invaluable workshop not to be missed.”

Claire Goodwill Walker Technology College Director of RPA