Employability programme

Employability programme

Structured CV and employability skills development programme for schools

This is a structured programme of activities that can be delivered over a number of weeks, a term or a whole year; depending on how it best fits with your timetable.

It provides skills development and practical application with professional feedback and support along the way for each individual.

Beginning with CV writing training, all students then write their own CV, with support, gain feedback on this and also participate in realistic mock interviews, based on their chosen career if they have one.

All pupils finish with

  • A CV that they have written and has been audited by a recruitment and business management professional
  • Experience of a realistic interview for the kind of role they want
  • Advice on how to conduct themselves throughout the job seeking and early job period

How much is that worth to any student? What if the whole of your final year students were trained in this? That’s what is on offer – call me on 07974219672 or email me   graeme@graemejordanCV.com

“The CV session was well prepared and presented. The session was very informative; covering many myths and misconceptions about CVs, their contents and how important it is that they are fit for purpose and relevant to specific jobs. The session was pitched perfectly to meet the needs and requirements of our learners. It gave them tips and hints; inspiring them to believe in their own abilities and raise their self-esteem. An invaluable workshop not to be missed.”

Claire Goodwill Walker Technology College Director of RPA