Interview coaching

Interview coaching

Interview preparation - expert coaching

So, you have a great CV, and it has done its job and got you shortlisted for an interview. This is exciting stuff. You are one step away from walking into a new job. Let’s make sure you get it!

All you have to do is get selected ahead of the others on the shortlist.

I can provide the advice you need to perform well at the interview – making a compelling case for your selection. We can work on a structured programme from now up to the day of your interview or interviews.

I’ll start by asking you what you’d like to cover to ensure that you feel prepared then we will develop a programme specific to you.

We can practice typical interview questions, both standard and challenging ones, and help you to live up to the promise of the CV on the day.

You can order as many hours of coaching as you need but here are a couple of packages that may be of particular value:

Coaching packages include:

  • Assessment of your current interview style and its appropriateness for your chosen role
  • Evaluation of your target job and prediction of questions that you will be asked
  • Focused practice of the questions – covering a wide range of question styles and answer structures
  • Detailed advice and training on how to improve your answers
  • A mock interview covering all that you are likely to be asked in the real interview
  • Debrief following your real interview to analyse your performance / develop improved techniques if needed.