CV writing

CV writing

Your next job starts with a superior CV. I’d love to help you develop this.

Even if you use application forms a lot, the CV is a really useful reference document for you and it’s good practice to have one ready in case you need it.

The basis of a great CV service is my consultation with you:

All of my CV and job application services begin with taking the time to fully understand your objectives and the real value that you have to offer.

‘Thank you for taking the time to really get to know what I do … no-one has ever asked me these questions before.’

It results in you giving the absolute best representation of the value that you can offer an employer; first time and every time.

‘Wow, I’m flattered by how well you have presented me’

It equips you to perform well at the resulting interviews.

‘I now find myself talking about my competencies, rather than the tasks I performed’

Whether you are applying for a specific job, looking to apply ‘speculatively’ to target companies or have not yet decided what is right for you, I can help you make the most of your job seeking.

The consultation

This is done by Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or similar, but can be done face to face. The session lasts at least 2 hours, so that I can gather all of the information I need to write you the best CV possible.

We will discuss your objectives and exactly how you can achieve them.

This is used so that I can get a full understanding of you before I begin to put ‘pen to paper’. I need to understand what really makes you special – so that I can make your CV better than the next person who works in the same industry.

As well as helping me to write you a better CV, this also benefits you in other ways. It helps you to understand yourself and the value you offer your employer.

Unlocking potential

I will uncover details / skills / evidence that are not currently on your CV. I will get you to think about your skills in a different way. This gives you both the knowledge and confidence to perform well at interviews.

You will finish this session with renewed confidence and a clear focus on what you offer your next employer.

I will challenge you to speak confidently about your achievements. Most people find that they have done so much more than is currently written on their CV.

Once I have done this, I can then apply my expertise to presenting you in the absolute best way possible.

I will take time to carefully construct a CV that gives the best possible representation of the value that you offer. I start from scratch and develop the CV based on my knowledge of your core competencies and the selection criteria used in selection for your target role. A cover letter is included, because I want you to have everything you need to succeed.

All CV services come with a cover letter included, as I believe it is important that these things are done together. Remember to tailor it to each job that you apply for.


You will be completely happy with the CV that I write for you. I will revise it if necessary until you are 100% happy. You will receive your CV from me within seven working days and have the chance to ask for any changes to be made. I work on the CV until you are completely happy with it. In most cases, I am not asked to make any changes, because a huge amount of effort goes into getting it right the first time. The promise is there for peace of mind for you and in case it’s needed.

Need interview coaching? Well the CV will get you interviews, but it won’t get you the job. The in depth consultancy that I provide whilst writing your CV will inevitably give you confidence and guidance on what to say and how to present yourself. If you would like full interview coaching, then this can be delivered after the CV has been developed.