Signs that you need to change your approach to job acquisition

You send out 100s of CVs.

Recruiters want to recruit someone. They have failed otherwise. So, if you are not being chosen, it’s best to find out why and work on fixing it. This is more effective than simply sending out more.

You can’t motivate yourself to apply.

Knowing what you are best at and where to find it is a major part of resolving this.

Job searching bores you. 

This is probably because you are not getting the results you were hoping for. With the right approach, job seeking can be an enjoyable experience. You are about to determine what you spend major amounts of your time doing, where and who with. Why shouldn’t this be done with enthusiasm?

You are over qualified.

There are techniques that can be used to present your experience and qualifications in a more appropriate way. Leaving them off is not the answer.

You are under qualified

  • Here your choices are to find ways of presenting yourself as a useful employee or get experience or qualifications that you need.
  • Even a short period of work experience can make a huge difference, both to your ability to show commitment AND having examples to discuss at interview.
  • If you can’t fund long term, or expensive qualifications – what short courses, conferences or events can you attend that will demonstrate your knowledge? Employers often value commitment and enthusiasm for the role and this is how to prove it.

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