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I’ve always said that a CV doesn’t have to get you the job – it just has to get you the interview, so that you can do the rest. Well, social media should be treated in the same way – it can open doors to opportunities for you to pursue via other means (phone, email and eventually sending your CV and attending interview).

But how do you ensure that you get the most from your social networking?

To me it’s a combination of being selective about how you spend your time and (having been on both sides of this) being patient rather than pushy.

Mistakes to avoid

1.  To ask about job opportunities without having established a professional connection first. You may not be speaking to the right person, but they may be able to put you in touch with another.Or they may be busy on other things (developing their audience or exhibiting for example). Employment opportunities may not be at the forefront of their mind. The hard sell approach will rule you out in this case, rather than creating a memorable, positive connection.

2.  Writing ‘job seeker’ or ‘recent graduate’ as the headline on a social media account. This does not give the impression of a high performing candidate that needs to be snapped up without delay. Nor does it give any indication of the value that you offer. Instead tell them what your relevant expertise is / what your desired or usual job is.

In summary, there are various ways of getting yourself in front of the employment decision maker. You can respond to adverts and apply to agencies, and these methods might work. They are high volume, so your application will need to be outstanding. Additionally, you can develop your own methods of targeting your desired employer. Get this right and you will be playing an entirely different game; one that is played on significantly more attractive terms.

There is of course nothing to stop you doing both.

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