Why me?

Marketer, former recruiter and CV expert

It always works

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I get people more job opportunities than they had before.

I regularly get people higher paid jobs than they were expecting.

My clients are always happy! They get the jobs they want.

Sophisticated approach

It’s about you and your aspirations and your abilities. And it’s about the quality of my consultation with you – to uncover the things that I need.

With me there are no templates, tips or tricks – just expertise applied to you as an individual.

Best possible representation of you

Because I will take the time to understand you and I will ask the right questions and it will be driven by the information captured. Your CV will be written from scratch.

Written from the point of view of a recruiter, business manager and marketer; it matches your skills to what they are looking for at the other end. It can’t be bettered.

It’s a proven method that I have used hundreds of times and it will have an impact.


Expertise is more than just knowledge and experience – it’s judgement and it’s ability to apply. This is what I bring to your decision making and your career development.

Who better to help you with your career development than a marketer, former recruiter and knowledgeable business manager with a track record of securing ideal roles for hundreds of people.


The consultation itself will develop your confidence and ability to perform at an interview. I take the time to gather the information that allows me to develop your best CV. My recruitment and research background ensures that I can ask the right questions.


I’m also proud to be independent and provide advice directly to and for individuals. I don’t, therefore, work with any of the big ‘employability’ firms or any state-sponsored monopoly. If you want my advice, there is only one way to get it.

All of this has long term value for you – beyond just getting your next job

I currently work as a business consultant and help clients to interview and select candidates – so my job market knowledge is 100% practical and up to date.

I am also really easy to deal with and focused on your success.

My approach is to apply proven marketing techniques to the acquisition of your ideal job! It is therefore an infallible way to improve your career development.